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The day I had

Your never gonna believe the day I had 
I awoke to the bathroom being unusable because of a certain Swamp Monster using all the water and taking the longest shower. Did I mention he used all the soap and still smelled like wet dirt and leaves. He refused to use a towel leaving puddles of water everywhere.
Upon receiving my breakfast I look over to see who is using up all the syrup to find that the Mummy really likes it on his bug filled pancakes and snake eggs. Really hard to have a breakfast conversation with someone who only groans.
My ride to school was unbelievable you would think but not I when I sat next to a witch. On the bus she sat cause her broomstick was broke. And she had her black cat with her to. All she did was cast spells on everyone on the bus. I got off with an extra foot.
Oh man gym class was a riot when I had to share weights with Frankenstein. And it's never good to bench press with him when he can bench press you. Showing off is what he did and getting all the at…

The birth center

It was a big blue building that sat next to a big pink building. Each looking like a skyscraper that stood 75 stories high. These were the birthing centers. The blue for the boys and the pink for the girls. No it was not a hospital. See there were already born babies they when you wanted a kid, you just got to one and get one. There was a form to fill out if you wanted the kid to be most like you but if you didn't cared. Numbers were drawn from a bowl and which ever number you picked, then that would be the room you go to to get your baby. Everyone was born like that.
Naughty Ziegler wanted to know where the babies originally came from. He went to college and got a degree in birthing systems and then applied for the job as a manger and got it. But for weeks, he only worked the front desk and never was able to go beyond. The babies were brought in a night, so he never saw from where or how. So he applied to be security which they thought was weird but he begged for it and they gave…

What would you do?

What would you do ifThere was no Pleasure Joy Happiness Love Peace Beauty  Bliss Care Comfort Delight Humor Cheer Pride Like
And only  Misery Hate Disappointment  Sadness Sorrow  Grief Depression  Heartache Worry Fear Anxiety  Trouble  Stress
How would you  Live Breathe Eat Sleep Walk Work Play Move Survive Remain Prosper Thrive Believe Stand
Would you Destroy Create Build End Exist  Grow Break Die Stay  Fail Succeed Quit Dream Begin
I would Trust in Wait for  Hold out for  Pray for  Look for Ask for Call for  Seek Request for  Long for  Anticipate Watch for  Wish for  Have faith in
Him The Lord  God Our Savior  The Creator  Almighty  Our Father  Holy Spirit  King of kings  The All Knowing All Powerful Jehovah The One The Protector 

The Edge

I on the edge of the world. i can see miles and miles of water. It's never ending and yet I am on the edge of the world. I didn't walk here. I drove here because I was looking for peace and found the edge. There is no cliff like I thought there would be. There aren't scientists here discovering it. There aren't news people here reporting on it. There aren't photographers here taking pictures. But then there is no sign that's says that this is the edge of the world but that water is going somewhere and I just know this is it. It's the edge of the world. I am not gonna fall off the planet but I have fell out if my world and that's us why I am here. I was looking for a cliff and found an edge with no place to jump. You just step in and I did think it would be that simple. So I won't leap cause I won't go far. I step back and look. There's no people for miles and so I scream thinking something might cave but it doesn't. No it doesn't. So…

Just please

Just.......Shush Be quiet Don't talk Don't speak Close your mouth  Silence your voice  Shut up 
Please....... Listen Let me talk Hear me out Watch my lips  Watch my hand Let me speak to you Let me say what I need to
Just please  For a moment For a minute  For a second Just please

I see your heart

I see your heartI believe in it  I love it 
It loved me It wants It comforts me It protects me
I see your heart I know it  I like it


"Hello and welcome" the perky blonde tour guide said to her group as they stood at the entrance of the big gold building. The group was made of 6 people. They differ in age, height, weight, race, gender.  The tour guide admired how diverse the group was but this was not the first time she had seen such a group and it certainly would not be the last. See she has had the job for over 80 years but she didn't look a day over 25. She had died at 25 and had never told anyone how. In her death she applied to be the guide or at least one them for when others die and transfer them to Heaven or Hell.  "So did everyone have a peaceful death?" She asked as the continued to walk through the building. They all nodded while some were still crying. She noticed and said, " It will be okay." Then she continued to walk pointing out moments from their life. This was a tour of their lives.  It was a tour that would lead to two doors. One to Heaven and one to Hell. The tour…

The Upper Room

"You know it's not so bad going up to the upper room. The only thing is you don't come back." Jim mentioned to his wife Sandra as he stood over her. She was laying in the bed and he was was looking at her with a big smile on his face.She asked, "I don't come back?" He said, "none of us do. That's okay. I am looking forward to being there with everyone and you should to." She turned her head to face the window and looked out at it. She always loved the ocean view. He noticed, "In the upper    room you will have the best view of all the oceans and seas. And one day I will be there to join you." She said, "You don't need to talk about me like I am already gone." She frowned and started to cry. He noticed and sat in the bed next to her. This wasn't easy for him either. They just got married two years ago and she had got sick to quickly  for them to have kids. He was sad to and hurt and mad but he understood God had a p…

The fighter

I am trying to stay afloat but I am not in any water I am trying to get my balance but I am not up high  I am trying to save the world but I am so powerless I am trying to staying positive in a sea of negativity  I am trying to fly but how do I reach the sky I am trying my luck when it's mostly been bad I am trying to breath without any air I am trying to find a way when all hope is lost  I am trying to reach the top but I can get out of the bottom  I am trying not to hurt anyone when pain is so easy to create 
Every days a struggle and I am trying my best to make the best with Him in my corner cheering me on

Dont look with your eyes

He sat in the chair, waiting for her to come in the room. He waited patiently enjoying the scent of fresh flowers his mom had sent him. They had only arrived a hour ago. The air was cool with a slight breeze. It was quarter to three and she was running 15 minutes late and counting but he was patient.
A few minutes later he heard a knock at the door. It was soft and barely noticeable. It was a little unsure. He knew why though. Today was the day he was going to get to see her. He was excited and scared all at the same time.
He yelled to her that the door was open and she slowly turned the knob. He could hear here taking a deep breath before she walked into his apartment. She was dressed in all white. Her hair was blond with settle curls that fell just before her shoulder. She had on small white heels with a sparkling veil that fell on her shoulders. It was embroidered with silver flowers. Her gown was strapless and fell just below her knees. It was a satin dress with a full bottom. She…


It hurts bad
Not everyone gets over it
You cant just move on
There is so much pain

And yet we have no choice
Just got to accept it
Just got to realize everything happens for a reason
We weren't meant to be

It stings like a bee
It hurts like a gun shot
It feels like a tornado through the heart
It leaves a person weak

You say maybe I am taking it to heart
And I should
But my heart was set on you
And your heart on another


Its not your problem
You rejected me
Made me feel like trash
I asked and no thanks I am not your type you said

Then what is?
Don't matter
Its me
Cause in a few years, we will meet up on the streets and your girl will look like me

And I will wonder
Why my guy
Looks nothing like you
And yet you rejected me


I was better off without you
Never with you
Loved you like crazy
Thought your flaws were cute

I am better now
Some months later
The pain is gone
Cause I have been accepted

Not by a man
I am not that girl
I accepted myself
And found…

And there she laid

It was a hot summers night and the bed was bare. It was to hot for blankets. It was sweaty and muggy in the room. it had just rain but that did nothing for the heat. She was alone and on a night like this, thats how she wanted it to be. She was always alone. And that never upset her. Men were dogs and she felt why should she put herself through that misery. So she concluded it was better to be alone. Alone in the summer on a hot night.It was to hot to be bothered by another person anyway. So she layed there from 11pm to 2am tossing and turning until she realized it would be no help just to lay in her sweat. So she got up and took a shower. It was a long cold one.
Then she heard a knock at the door. Who could be knocking this late at night? She didn't know anyone who would knock that late unless it was her mother but she would had called first. She put on her robe and went to the door with a hammer, suspicious of who it could be. She turned on her lving room light and looked out th…

The Night Shift

He was just a monster who lived in her closet and would only come out at night to scare her. He would run around her room, shaking her bed, and giving her nightmares. This was his night job and her closet was his place of residency. Mail was delivered to the home for him. He went out for walks and to run errands, keeping his closet neat and stocked with all his favorite things. He was just a monster with a night job to scare one little girl from age seven to eleven. Then he would move on to another child. It was his job and he was great at it and he had been doing it for over 113 years. he had seen all kinds if rooms and beds and closets.
He was not happy though, but nowhere else was hiring and he had needed a job bad. See the kids weren't scared by monsters anymore. Vampires were their soul mates, werewolves were their crushes, even The Blob Man was a cool playground toy. Things were changing and messing up the Scare Department of the World. People thought it was hard out for pim…

An Ode To Mascots

I am a

I am a
Random Knee

I was never
Just Sad

That I
Held Y'all Gear
Gave You Beers
Patted Your Tears

I Was Just There To
Provide A Cheer
Help You Win
Help The Crowd Shout
Help The Other Team Lose

And Yet
Time Has Past
I Am A Boss
Not An Animal Or Weird Object
I Am Me
As A Mascot I Use To Be