Dont look with your eyes

He sat in the chair, waiting for her to come in the room. He waited patiently enjoying the scent of fresh flowers his mom had sent him. They had only arrived a hour ago. The air was cool with a slight breeze. It was quarter to three and she was running 15 minutes late and counting but he was patient.
A few minutes later he heard a knock at the door. It was soft and barely noticeable. It was a little unsure. He knew why though. Today was the day he was going to get to see her. He was excited and scared all at the same time.
He yelled to her that the door was open and she slowly turned the knob. He could hear here taking a deep breath before she walked into his apartment. She was dressed in all white. Her hair was blond with settle curls that fell just before her shoulder. She had on small white heels with a sparkling veil that fell on her shoulders. It was embroidered with silver flowers. Her gown was strapless and fell just below her knees. It was a satin dress with a full bottom. She looked like a elegant movie star. She slowly walked in ans stepped right into the sun showing her glistening white skin. He smelling her perfume, smelling like nice warm lavender. He rolled his wheelchair around to face her. He was in it because he fell down some steps a week before and sprang his ankle. It was to be heal fully in in three to five weeks.
He was unshaven with a full gray beard and a head full of light gray hair. All of it comb to back. He had cared about his hair but not about that beard. He was in his blue pajamas and white slippers. Newspapers were all over the apartment and no lights were on.
She looked around as she took in the smell of the yellow roses. She chuckled a little noticing it was not as bad as he had described it. He heard her quiet giggle.
"I know, I am a slob. Sorry.", he said.
"No, its so you. When we talked on the phone, this is exactly how I imagined it to be. Its perfect.", she said ever so politely.
"Did you want a drink, or a sandwich?", he asked
She looked down, "No thanks. I brought your favorite meal. I was hoping you would join me."
He smiled and nodded. She sat up the table in front of him with two plates and two glasses. She filled them with milk. As she took out the food and put slices of turkey on each one with macaroni and mash potato's with gravy. The ate taking about everything.

At the end of the meal, she told her she was so perfectly beautiful.
She said thanks and he smiled. She cleaned up the plates and there they sat enjoying the radio.

They got married and lived happily ever after. He never did see her, for he was blind but with the kind of love they had, he didn't need his eyes and she was okay with that.

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