And there she laid

It was a hot summers night and the bed was bare. It was to hot for blankets. It was sweaty and muggy in the room. it had just rain but that did nothing for the heat. She was alone and on a night like this, thats how she wanted it to be. She was always alone. And that never upset her. Men were dogs and she felt why should she put herself through that misery. So she concluded it was better to be alone. Alone in the summer on a hot night.It was to hot to be bothered by another person anyway. So she layed there from 11pm to 2am tossing and turning until she realized it would be no help just to lay in her sweat. So she got up and took a shower. It was a long cold one.
Then she heard a knock at the door. Who could be knocking this late at night? She didn't know anyone who would knock that late unless it was her mother but she would had called first. She put on her robe and went to the door with a hammer, suspicious of who it could be. She turned on her lving room light and looked out the window but her porch light was broke and the person was to close to the door. She yelled, "Who is it?!"
The deep male voice yelled back, "Scarlett, I need to see you."
She recongnied the voice, it was Thomas but what was he doing there. She had met him at the local diner she went to everyday. He was the new cook there. They had went out before but he had pulled away and so had she. What did he want?
She opened the door while she looked at him crazy.
He said, as he pushed pass where shorts, no shoes, a black tee shirt, "I messed up with you. I love you and accept you." He pulled her close to him and looked her in the eyes and said, "I need you. Spend your life with me."
She looked down trying to gather what was happening. She did love him but she thought he did not but know that he does, she wants him just as bad. So she kissed him and the hugged.
Then it went dark, and there she laid in the dark in the middle of the night. It was 3.15 am and she was waking from a dream. Her heart broke a little realizing the sad fate she had of being alone and having to be happy with it. She had wanted him so bad but never even got the courage to talk to him and she never would.
He went on to marry and she spent the rest of her life alone laying in bed every night sad. yearning for someone to be next to her in her bed but it never happened.

The truth is not everyone finds their soulmate and so they have to keep living alone trying to accept such a sad fate.

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