The Edge

I on the edge of the world. i can see miles and miles of water. It's never ending and yet I am on the edge of the world. I didn't walk here. I drove here because I was looking for peace and found the edge. There is no cliff like I thought there would be. There aren't scientists here discovering it. There aren't news people here reporting on it. There aren't photographers here taking pictures. But then there is no sign that's says that this is the edge of the world but that water is going somewhere and I just know this is it. It's the edge of the world. I am not gonna fall off the planet but I have fell out if my world and that's us why I am here. I was looking for a cliff and found an edge with no place to jump. You just step in and I did think it would be that simple. So I won't leap cause I won't go far. I step back and look. There's no people for miles and so I scream thinking something might cave but it doesn't. No it doesn't. So I look up and just see clouds so close to me. Got me thinking I can touch them. They seem like they in layers. Like a nice white cake but I can't eat them and I would want to. But would it be nice to lay on something so fluffy. Clouds only look like that on the edge of the world. It's only empty like this here. No people. No animals. No public. No trees. No life. Just air, water, clouds, and me. Nobody gonna believe I done seen the edge. No. No one gonna believe some city girl done see the edge. Nope. But He knows. He brought me here. An I know why. To show me some peace in life. The kind that people search their whole life for. To show me hope. The kind I need. To show me comfort and strength. We know and it's our little secret here on the edge. Now I will drive off and back into the city and handle my problems with ease. I will handle my life with strength and my friends and families with love. Sometimes seeing the edge is the best way to get out the corner. Especially with Him cheering you on.

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