The Night Shift

He was just a monster who lived in her closet and would only come out at night to scare her. He would run around her room, shaking her bed, and giving her nightmares. This was his night job and her closet was his place of residency. Mail was delivered to the home for him. He went out for walks and to run errands, keeping his closet neat and stocked with all his favorite things. He was just a monster with a night job to scare one little girl from age seven to eleven. Then he would move on to another child. It was his job and he was great at it and he had been doing it for over 113 years. he had seen all kinds if rooms and beds and closets.
He was not happy though, but nowhere else was hiring and he had needed a job bad. See the kids weren't scared by monsters anymore. Vampires were their soul mates, werewolves were their crushes, even The Blob Man was a cool playground toy. Things were changing and messing up the Scare Department of the World. People thought it was hard out for pimps, it was hard out for monsters. Even villains were getting their own movies but not as villains but as finders. It was weird.
The Scare Department just knew when they released zombies that people would be scared again but know people were finding ways to marry them.
This was ruining the night shift. Heck even aliens were getting their butt kicks by Iron Man and Thor. Monsters were sad.

So they begin to get a plan together. A plan that while they live among us normally they would be gathering an army to really scare people.
Of course it didn't work, even Sam and Dean laughed at the idea.

So they went back to the night shift. He went back and kept trying to scare. Life was hard but at least he had a job.

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