The Upper Room

"You know it's not so bad going up to the upper room. The only thing is you don't come back." Jim mentioned to his wife Sandra as he stood over her. She was laying in the bed and he was was looking at her with a big smile on his face.
She asked, "I don't come back?"
He said, "none of us do. That's okay. I am looking forward to being there with everyone and you should to."
She turned her head to face the window and looked out at it. She always loved the ocean view. He noticed, "In the upper    room you will have the best view of all the oceans and seas. And one day I will be there to join you."
She said, "You don't need to talk about me like I am already gone." She frowned and started to cry. He noticed and sat in the bed next to her. This wasn't easy for him either. They just got married two years ago and she had got sick to quickly  for them to have kids. He was sad to and hurt and mad but he understood God had a plan and He was calling Sandra home to the upper room. 
He sat there and held her in his arms and  three hours later she passed away. 

Grief and losing someone is easy for no one but God is always there for you.

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