"Hello and welcome" the perky blonde tour guide said to her group as they stood at the entrance of the big gold building. The group was made of 6 people. They differ in age, height, weight, race, gender.  The tour guide admired how diverse the group was but this was not the first time she had seen such a group and it certainly would not be the last. 
See she has had the job for over 80 years but she didn't look a day over 25. She had died at 25 and had never told anyone how. In her death she applied to be the guide or at least one them for when others die and transfer them to Heaven or Hell. 
"So did everyone have a peaceful death?" She asked as the continued to walk through the building. They all nodded while some were still crying. She noticed and said, " It will be okay." Then she continued to walk pointing out moments from their life. This was a tour of their lives.  It was a tour that would lead to two doors. One to Heaven and one to Hell. The tour is to help them see what God has seen. 
There were good times and bad times. They saw their worst times and great times. They saw their births and their deaths. Some cried and some got mad explaining how that's not how things went down. The guide said, "This is what He saw." 
They finally got the end and she took them to the doors and they quickly become just one big door. One man asked, "does that mean we all going to the same place?"
She said,"Only God knows. You will find about your peers when you get there." They weeped but one by one they went through. The guide didn't know where they went and neither do I only God.


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