The day I had

Your never gonna believe the day I had 

I awoke to the bathroom being unusable because of a certain Swamp Monster using all the water and taking the longest shower. Did I mention he used all the soap and still smelled like wet dirt and leaves. He refused to use a towel leaving puddles of water everywhere.

Upon receiving my breakfast I look over to see who is using up all the syrup to find that the Mummy really likes it on his bug filled pancakes and snake eggs. Really hard to have a breakfast conversation with someone who only groans.

My ride to school was unbelievable you would think but not I when I sat next to a witch. On the bus she sat cause her broomstick was broke. And she had her black cat with her to. All she did was cast spells on everyone on the bus. I got off with an extra foot.

Oh man gym class was a riot when I had to share weights with Frankenstein. And it's never good to bench press with him when he can bench press you. Showing off is what he did and getting all the attention. But the only person who didn't notice was his future bride.

But don't forget lunch when the Blob show up. His slime was all over the macaroni and all he could say was a very low sorry. He made up for it providing unlimited jello. 

I don't know how it happened but the recess was crazy even with the Invisible Man being so lazy. He rather be unseen than play at all or maybe he was playing. Not like I could tell. Things were thrown at him just to make sure he was there. He shouted for us to stop but we couldn't help laugh realizing he was naked. 

Dinner was late and I wondered why but then theVampire  showed up and he would tell no lie. He eats when the sun is low so it won't mess his flow. The meal is bottles of blood he gets from blood banks. I push it away and he looks sad but I am the one who should be mad. I don't drink blood but one quick look in his eyes and he got me doing anything.

I rush to sleep trying to forget dinner but when the Wolf Man  is around no one is a winner. He howls and hoots at the moon while the whole time I am praying the sun comes up soon. I yelled to him to get quiet but he only gets louder. So I throw a shoe but I need a few before he takes a hint and gets a mint. It shuts him up. No one likes a loud stinky voice.I thank God and fall asleep hoping he don't make any more peeps.

Of course you would never believe me and I don't care. Who trust an ten year story anyway?

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