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To all the naysayers To the master manipulators To the angry haters Just know that I am at my greatest They say I wont last long I just say that they all wrong I am going to make mama proud Shout her happiness real loud This is my chance And yours Lance I am not selfish in my goals No one has to pay a toll We are welcome here No room for sad tears No more fear I am stronger I am going to last longer To all the naysayers To the master manipulators To the angry haters Just know that I am my greatest

All I ask

I do everything for you While you take all the credit I stand in the shadows As you glisten in the sun That’s the way things are done And all I ask for Is a simple thank you I see your good, bad, and your ugly But I still respect you I know all your secrets The terrible and some so good I keep them from myself Not to embarrass you Our relationship is better than that I work for you You pay me good Like you know you should I shine your shoes and advise you on legal matters I am a big book full of tricks That you only get to see All I ask for is a thank you No raise is necessary Money won’t fix this Like you use for everything else I am not like everyone else Ishould be special to you I only want to do these things for you No gives me life like you do In the work I do You let me in on everything I am being doing this since I was young Helping you is all I have ever done You took me in With no experience You gave me a seat at the adult table

1920s Gangster Man

Be my 1920s gangster man Not to tough but really debonair Wear pinstripe suits and your shiny shoes Get the face real nice Make lots of money for me to spend I will pretend it’s not from selling liquor Your illegal habit Gamble all night with your business partners Win a fortune for me Take me to a nice speakeasy Right after a nice black and white picture Lets go dancing to jazz With all the stylish flappers Watch me cut my hair nice and short While you put on your cologne Smoke a cigar And get a personal driver To take you on a tour of your territory Take me to dinners at the club And move us into the fanciest hotel Lets go on trip to Cuba Where you make new partners Go to your meeting with important men And all discuss your power Give the city all your heart And the church your money Invite the government in for some tea As I watch how you control them Put a telephone in our place So they can reach you at any hour Make me your girl And be my man Marry me till the end Avoid the gun…

Safe and Sound

Lay with me And never let me go Hold me tight Hold me so close I am yours for forever Wrap your arms around me Tell me how everything is going to be all right Tell me that it’s all okay Wash the pain away from me Keep me safe In our little sanctuary I am all yours Let me feel the safety in your warmth If you just give me that I promise to give it right back For the rest of my life We will stay safe and sound

My Scars

My scars are from the past Scratched up so bad It will always seem to last Why can’t these wounds just heal? I wake up each day wondering Sometimes when I am only I pick at them Wondering if they still feel the same I can’t feel anything from them now But to look at them each day hurts the same But only if tomorrow could be the last day that I see them Let it be over again Don’t let this go to far I just want the past to not look so cruel In my present I make haste To prevent the future from looking the same Only again tomorrow never comes Its with in me to make it go away And so cocoa butter could really do the job But I like holding onto my anger Gives me a reason to treat you the way you are But if I live to see another day I swear this is true I will start rubbing the butter in today To make it go away Cause a life is impossible to find