1920s Gangster Man

Be my 1920s gangster man
Not to tough but really debonair
Wear pinstripe suits and your shiny shoes
Get the face real nice
Make lots of money for me to spend
I will pretend it’s not from selling liquor
Your illegal habit
Gamble all night with your business partners
Win a fortune for me
Take me to a nice speakeasy
Right after a nice black and white picture
Lets go dancing to jazz
With all the stylish flappers
Watch me cut my hair nice and short
While you put on your cologne
Smoke a cigar
And get a personal driver
To take you on a tour of your territory
Take me to dinners at the club
And move us into the fanciest hotel
Lets go on trip to Cuba
Where you make new partners
Go to your meeting with important men
And all discuss your power
Give the city all your heart
And the church your money
Invite the government in for some tea
As I watch how you control them
Put a telephone in our place
So they can reach you at any hour
Make me your girl
And be my man
Marry me till the end
Avoid the guns and the bank robberies
Selling liquor is all you need
Play nice
But stay tough

And be my 1920s gangster man

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