All I ask

I do everything for you
While you take all the credit
I stand in the shadows
As you glisten in the sun
That’s the way things are done
And all I ask for
Is a simple thank you
I see your good, bad, and your ugly
But I still respect you
I know all your secrets
The terrible and some so good
I keep them from myself
Not to embarrass you
Our relationship is better than that
I work for you
You pay me good
Like you know you should
I shine your shoes and advise you on legal matters
I am a big book full of tricks
That you only get to see
All I ask for is a thank you
No raise is necessary
Money won’t fix this
Like you use for everything else
I am not like everyone else
I  should be special to you
I only want to do these things for you
No gives me life like you do
In the work I do
You let me in on everything
I am being doing this since I was young
Helping you is all I have ever done
You took me in
With no experience
You gave me a seat at the adult table

All I ask is for a simple thank you

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