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Washed away our love

I am being washed away
In the tears of your sorrow
For our lost love
Never coming back love
Your heart sails right past me
As i look to the lifeboat
That is you
What am I gonna do
Place your anchor out for me
Pull me in
Oh its to late
There is no space
On the love boat
That was out relationship
I hurt so bad for you
Drowning in your tears
Looking for a light
Of forgiveness that will never come

Sad world

I look around the roomAnd see all these different faces And no familiar places And seems like a sad world I am gonna go mad world But then I see you  Standing over there So unafraid  So well behaved  It's a sad world I am gonna go mad world I feel strung out Left to hang dry Put aside to cry So you hand me a tissue  I tell you my issue It's a sad world I am gonna go mad world  Hold my hand world Stand my me world Don't ever leave me world  An unfamiliar world  A strange world  In this room Come stand in corner with me  Hold me near Bring me comfort In this sad world

What they got

It depends what you mean by gotSome are rebels Some are outlaws  Some don't know  Some don't want to know Some don't care Some have no fear  Some can live  Some just party  Some just wonder Some just ponder It depends what you mean by having it together I got what I got Unlike the others It's just some common sense

No wife

I set aside All the lies There it dies With all my ties Oh my Why oh why Just say bye  And eat my pie It's my life I am no longer your wife 

The pretty girl in me

I just want to be a pretty girlA pretty girl A pretty girl I just want to be a pretty girl All for you I want dress up nice Pull myself together real tight Stand in the right light With my nice red lips And my smooth touch It's all for you I just want to be a pretty girl And do a twirl In my brand new dress I just want to be pretty girl  Where your eyes are only on me We can go dancing Maybe see a show Take it nice and slow Maybe grab some dinner Just as long as we together  My handsome man and me His pretty girl I will be

By your side

When the wind blows I know where I will be When the rain pours I know where I will be When it gets rough When things get to hard When the end looks far And no peace is near When I have so many fears When the darkness comes in When I feel like I am drowning Like I can't catch my breath And the world is crashing around us I know where I will be And thats right By your side


Dinner is here
Lets sit down and eat
Its dinnertime
Forget the woes of the day
Let it float away
As you sit across from me
Lets eat
But don't forget the prayer
And lets be thankful
And lets be grateful
Now pass the potatoes
And slice the meat
Desert is later
Heres the water
Feast like kings
Eat like queens
Its our meal
And then I see that look in your eyes
I know how you feel
We ate it all up
And now we are full
Sleep is near
Lets go to bed
Its bedtime


The highlights of my life
Look like the stars in the sky
I can see them
But I can feel them
Its so distant
But so pretty
I hope it goes slow
I am not in a rush
For the night to end
But when the light comes
My heart will go still


Take me on our honeymoon
To a paradise like no other
Where only me and you together
Where silence is outside
And love hold us closer then before
We made our vows
Lets be good on them
Til the very end
Hold me close
And never let go
I am all yours
Close the door
No interruptions
Its our honeymoon
Whisper in my ear sweet somethings
And want for nobody else
I wear my ring proudly
Like a solider with her medals
I want to show you off
Make all the girl jealous
Your my man
Count to ten
Make a wish
I am still here
You smile really big
I am yours
Forever and ever
Lets celebrate that
I am yours
Til death do us part
Lets celebrate our love
So lets pack up and go
Take me on our honeymoon

Only 22

Sometimes your gonna feel like its the end
But its really the start
Dont finish your life out
Only at 22
Sometimes your gonna feel like its all over
But its not
You just had a bad day
Don't let life stay that way
Be your own person
Your only 22
Thats still young enough to be dumb
And still bounce back again
Stay away from making beds
Thats done
And quitting jobs
How many times can you run
So pick your self up
And move on
Don't wear the bad feelings
Like a tight uniform
Life can still be amazing
Your only 22
Love and life is so free
All you got to do is just be
Don't feel sorry
Don't worry
But lets get it together before 25
Cause after its a little weird
Only 22

Go back

I want to go back
To the time before the regrets
And the long nights
Without you by my side
I want to go back
To the laughing times
The happy smile
And before the tears
I want to go back
When love was all we needed
When love was all we wanted
When we decided we would live off it
I want to go back
Before I wept
Before you left
When our hearts were filled with joy
I want to go back
Before we said goodbye
Before you lied
When my days were spent loving you
Oh please lets go back

Woe is my breakup with you

I see the floor needs sweeping
But I can't stop weeping
For what was
What could be
And what we will never have
At least with each other
I see the dishes need washing
But I can't stop talking
About how I much I miss you
And yet your not here
To see all the tears
I shed on the floor
Oh no there is more
Please come back through the door
I miss your snore
I see the trash needs taking out
But all I can is pout
Its not the same
Not being able to smell your mane
How good it felt
How you made me melt
Always in your cowboy belt
I miss the sight
Of how you bought me light
I see the dust
Cleaning is a must
But I feel so numb
And look so dumb
Maybe I will get some rum
Put it all in my tum
And call mum
So she can tell me to move on
From you
I will try and do
Cause we are no longer two
I am just one
I am just one

Life Lesson

Life can come anytime
So can death
So make the most of the in between
It can be different from others
And that is okay

My feet don't touch the water

I keep my feet above the water
And it feels right
Letting the waves crush under me
I look towards the horizon
And it beams bright
Layers of the ocean fall beneath me
And you already know
My feet don't touch the sand
Boats ride on pass me
Dolphins ignore me
The jump along
And I smile
Watching them be free
All around me
My legs are dangling above the sea water
Taking in like air in my lungs
I breath out and let go
Cause you already know
My feet nots in the water
Looking at the sun
Searching for the moon as the sun sets
I reach out
For the stars
So high above me
My hands can't touch the stars
Neatly tucked under the dark sky
Its way to high
As it looks calm
All the life under me keeps going
And all the stars above me shine bright
And yet my feet can't touch the sand
My feet is not in the water
And you already know

They got me

They got me
Bow and arrowed me
Gun and bullet me
Knife in the heart me
They got me
Shot me down
To the ground
I fell
They got me
Pull my body out the way
Taking my baby
In the ground I lay
They got me
Chased me all around
Til I was found
All nice and round
They got me

Opposites just attract

I watched on the side
How they argued as friends
And then laughed as lovers
I wondered how it happened
When they decided to be more then just friends
When they decided they could be together
I wonder if she had made the first move
Was it before or after the usual argument
When were they gonna tell me
Cause me finding out like this
It just don't make sense
He pulls her close and she smiles
Two weeks ago she said his voice made her want to run for miles
When did this change
Cause its totally insane
I dont understand
How he wants to touch her hand
He use to call her such bad names
Now he can't take his hands off her
And she like it
How could she choose him
He is uptight and mean and only has one good friend
How could he choose her
She is nice and caring and kind of clumsy
But in a good way
I am nice guy
Why not me

Girlfriend #2

It hurts to break up with you
I found a true friend and lover in you
The nights are lonely with out you
No one gets me like you do
I see your hanging with our crew
Never discussed who gets who
I think of memories of what we use to do
And try anything that was new
It hurts to be with out you
Times goes slower than it usually do
How we use to stay up way past two
Me laughing with you
But I am no longer with you
Cause you decided to make your girlfriend count as two
And I never agreed to that
Thats a fact
So not cool


I been drifting
Floating beyond return
Feet can't feel the bottom
No one around for miles
I been drifting
No where near shore
Nothing is near or far
Its only just me
I been drifting
Cant see the bottom
Cant reach the top
Going with the current
It takes control
I been drifting
With the current I just go
The light comes and go
And the dark lingers a little long
Just me and the stars
I been drifting


Goodbye forever my love
Til we meet again
I will forever have in my heart
Laying here in all your clothes
I find comfort in your smell
Feeling warmth from your memories
In peace you lie now
Goodbye forever my love
We are forever history
Putting the pictures in book
Smiling over our great time
I can still feel you near
How you always called out to me "my dear"
Your voice tattooed in my soul
Without you I am no longer whole
You loved me
You cared for me
There will never be another
Goodbye forever my love
I will find your hand
When the time comes

use them, I say

Oh and another one bites the dust
Oh how can I forgive myself
We were in so deep, so close
How could you just give up
You made so free, so free
Now I am a caged animal
Visting hours are today
Oh use them, use them I say
Lets talk about the elephant in the cage
HowI gave you all of me
And you drained me of my love
Now you shall see
That I can't move pass the cage to be given to another
When you still have the key
But another one bites the dust
Moving on pass me
Is she better or a placeholder
Till you realize i am what you need
I'll be here in my cage
Waiting for your to free me
Waiting for you to want me
Waiting for you to love me
Visting hours are today
Please use them, use them, I say

safe with me

Holding out for your heart
Wanting it to beat near me
Searching for your light
Out of darkness I want to be
I got the key, let me unlock it
With open arms, please accept me

I am calling out
I am running to
Just let me
I'll be there
Hear me call out to you
Let me pull you in
Cause I can take care of it
Your heart is safe with me

Gotta think about it
Buts its love with me
Gotta try it
You won't regret it, you'll see
Gotta give it
Just take it

I am calling out
I am running to
Just let me
I'll be there
Hear me call out to you
Let me pull you in
Cause I can take care of it
Your heart is safe with me

I am not good at this
But I am your biggest fan
I am in your corner
Til the end
Take my love and  let let me in
And your heart will be safe with me

Lets go

When the show ends
And the crowds move out
And the band packs up
And the lights fade out
I want to look out
And see you standing there
Waiting to take me home

When the nights end
Where you will be
Next to me
Holding me close
When the night ends
Come to me
Lets go be
Happy and free
At home, alone

When the moon comes out
And the clouds roll in
I want you close, don't go
Hold me near your heart, thats where I belong
So lets stop being silly, stop breaking up
Lets make up and go home

When the nights end
Where you will be
Next to me
Holding me close
When the night ends
Come to me
Lets go be
Happy and free
At home, alone

Cause all I want is you, All I need is you
Cause all I love is you, all I like is you

When the nights end
Where you will be
Next to me
Holding me close
When the night ends
Come to me
Lets go be
Happy and free
At home, alone

Forgive me and lets go home, back to our place

This one is for you

When I am all alone
In the darkest room, where my soul lays bare
I look for the light as it starts small to grow big
I look over and wonder if its you and it is and I know it
So it grows and draws me in closer full of warmth
It welcomes me and happy I will be with you

When the darkness comes and my thoughts get low
Your there, you there
And so I say thank you
Cause this one is for you
For being her here and being there and for caring, supporting, and loving mt
This one is for you and only you

When the week ends, I know I will see you with open arms
When I look out, I know I will see you cheering me on
When I can't sleep, I know I can call you and you will answer
When I am feeling sad, I know you can make me laugh
When I can't breathe, I know you will give me air

When the darkness comes and my thoughts get low
Your there, you there
And so I say thank you
Cause this one is for you
For being her here and being there and for caring, supporting, and loving mt
This one is for you an…

The new queen

Its 2am in the morning The conversation gets heated You said I should start leaving But I just stay You said your going to bed soon So you leave in the living room And turn off of the lights And I just sat there Till I hear someone on the stairs I know its not you So I ignore to But then they bust through the door And I jump in terror Only seeing flashing lights And you come running out Fighting with all your might But they are too strong Away I go They take me up the stair To the rooftop of our place And then I see it The big spaceship I am going to be in I hear shouting behind me But they are taking me To another planet Looking for a new queen It was 2am in the morning The conversation got boring Said you going to bed soon So I snuck out of the castle And tried to run away Only to look up And not see the moon I just saw earth So I just stood there Till I heard you behind me And you came so closely Telling me my human life is behind me

Take this walk

Do I take this walk? To talk about the times When all we did was go and dance and dine Talk about the finer things in life we could have And you tell me to understand the money will come Living off of hopes and dreams of what could be Telling me to imagine the big house As we looked up at the sky and dreamed Do I take this walk? To talk about the times When all we did was ride in the finest cars We dress up and go to the finest bars When we had a clue of just how to be young And you would say how happy you are just to be Thinking past tomorrow was not an option for me To busy I suppose trying to figure out how today would go As you twirled me around the dance floor Do I take this walk? To talk about the times When all we were laugh smile Betting on things with half a mind Rolling in the money we were wasting on lies And you would whisper to me how you loved me Living in our nest of love and money Telling me to stay with you cause its gonna get real good soon As you walked with me under the star filled sky

We own the night

We break the rules We break the law We stand tall We own it all We stay up all night Fight before flight Bouncing back so quickly But I get so scared So terrified That in our reckless fun We wont make it far Time to think Before we act Look at the wanted posters When did that get cool? We are all over them Everywhere I can’t keep running I am getting to scared You stay strong Tell me its gonna be over Not to soon More money to make I power through As we run and hide Only to decide I want to do what’s right We change our names Take the next flight Leaving this town Leaving for good The next place We will be so normal Keep in mind All that crime is behind

Don't tell me

Say what you need to say Tell me what you need to do Feel how you want to feel I wont tell you what to do I want to hear you out That’s the best thing here Only that I fear It’s near