use them, I say

Oh and another one bites the dust
Oh how can I forgive myself
We were in so deep, so close
How could you just give up
You made so free, so free
Now I am a caged animal
Visting hours are today
Oh use them, use them I say
Lets talk about the elephant in the cage
HowI gave you all of me
And you drained me of my love
Now you shall see
That I can't move pass the cage to be given to another
When you still have the key
But another one bites the dust
Moving on pass me
Is she better or a placeholder
Till you realize i am what you need
I'll be here in my cage
Waiting for your to free me
Waiting for you to want me
Waiting for you to love me
Visting hours are today
Please use them, use them, I say

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