Opposites just attract

I watched on the side
How they argued as friends
And then laughed as lovers
I wondered how it happened
When they decided to be more then just friends
When they decided they could be together
I wonder if she had made the first move
Was it before or after the usual argument
When were they gonna tell me
Cause me finding out like this
It just don't make sense
He pulls her close and she smiles
Two weeks ago she said his voice made her want to run for miles
When did this change
Cause its totally insane
I dont understand
How he wants to touch her hand
He use to call her such bad names
Now he can't take his hands off her
And she like it
How could she choose him
He is uptight and mean and only has one good friend
How could he choose her
She is nice and caring and kind of clumsy
But in a good way
I am nice guy
Why not me

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