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Whiskey and dimes

I gave my soul upAnd watched it fly away now To a place I didn't recognize I sold if for a case of whiskey And a can of dimes Hoping to keep the skin on my bones now At least until I die Hoping to hitch a ride up this dark highway Cause tonight not my time Not like I have a clock Or my soul  I am just an empty shell now Doing my best to survive Hoping to stay alive

Not a were panther

It feels like there are not enough hours in the dayTo tell you all I want to say There  is not enough darkness in the night  To give the people a good fright  And all I ever want to do Is give ya a good scare to Can I do that Maybe with a bat Or I can wear a scary hat All I wanna do  Is howl a you  Sun or moon Rain or shine I want just want to be the werewolve I can be Not the were panther you might see So get scared Like you cared About my feelings And evil dealings Just do this for me And I will you be

And here we go

Where did all the blood goThe blood I have saved for centuries The blood of my soul Gone forever  Cause you forced it out Out of the cold and into the floor Don't you leave just yet This soul needs blood And now I need some of your warm ness And vibrant life Out of your veins  And into my mouth Just with a slit And a quick tuck And here we go

Stars and grass

We don't need anything Or anyone Just the stars  And the grass See we can sit  And dream About our future While trying to ignore the past If I lay with you Maybe we can let go And breath into our souls The life we are meant to have And the love we are meant to share Can we just stay And hold out Our hands  To the possibility Of a future of a forgotten life But a present  Of beutiful ignorance  And quiet bliss Here between the stars  And the grass


I stick my hand in the darknessReaching out for an unknown figure  Hoping it bites back And it bites hard  Oh my goodness I wish it was my neck And it drains out of me

On this wedding day

It's the wedding dayI am in dress but not on my way They want me to walk to him  And kiss his lips For today  Buts it's really for the rest of my life  His kiss his lips The same everyday  I am not sure if I really want that  And it's okay I am not sad or mad or glad I feel nothing  On this wedding day My vows are written I don't feel smitten Enough to say them to him Kiss me like overplayed song  To bad I can't turn you off But today I might turn you down  But do I really feel like starting over  It might be easier to slip into your everyday  So I go down the aisle Floating on my thoughts of eternity  This is til death And that makes me happy On this very wedding day