On this wedding day

It's the wedding day
I am in dress but not on my way
They want me to walk to him 
And kiss his lips
For today 
Buts it's really for the rest of my life 
His kiss his lips
The same everyday 
I am not sure if I really want that 
And it's okay
I am not sad or mad or glad
I feel nothing 
On this wedding day
My vows are written
I don't feel smitten
Enough to say them to him
Kiss me like overplayed song 
To bad I can't turn you off
But today I might turn you down 
But do I really feel like starting over 
It might be easier to slip into your everyday 
So I go down the aisle
Floating on my thoughts of eternity 
This is til death
And that makes me happy
On this very wedding day

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