My feet don't touch the water

I keep my feet above the water
And it feels right
Letting the waves crush under me
I look towards the horizon
And it beams bright
Layers of the ocean fall beneath me
And you already know
My feet don't touch the sand
Boats ride on pass me
Dolphins ignore me
The jump along
And I smile
Watching them be free
All around me
My legs are dangling above the sea water
Taking in like air in my lungs
I breath out and let go
Cause you already know
My feet nots in the water
Looking at the sun
Searching for the moon as the sun sets
I reach out
For the stars
So high above me
My hands can't touch the stars
Neatly tucked under the dark sky
Its way to high
As it looks calm
All the life under me keeps going
And all the stars above me shine bright
And yet my feet can't touch the sand
My feet is not in the water
And you already know

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