Woe is my breakup with you

I see the floor needs sweeping
But I can't stop weeping
For what was
What could be
And what we will never have
At least with each other
I see the dishes need washing
But I can't stop talking
About how I much I miss you
And yet your not here
To see all the tears
I shed on the floor
Oh no there is more
Please come back through the door
I miss your snore
I see the trash needs taking out
But all I can is pout
Its not the same
Not being able to smell your mane
How good it felt
How you made me melt
Always in your cowboy belt
I miss the sight
Of how you bought me light
I see the dust
Cleaning is a must
But I feel so numb
And look so dumb
Maybe I will get some rum
Put it all in my tum
And call mum
So she can tell me to move on
From you
I will try and do
Cause we are no longer two
I am just one
I am just one

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