The new queen

Its 2am in the morning
The conversation gets heated
You said I should start leaving
But I just stay
You said your going to bed soon
So you leave in the living room
And turn off of the lights
And I just sat there
Till I hear someone on the stairs
I know its not you
So I ignore to
But then they bust through the door
And I jump in terror
Only seeing flashing lights
And you come running out
Fighting with all your might
But they are too strong
Away I go
They take me up the stair
To the rooftop of our place
And then I see it
The big spaceship I am going to be in
I hear shouting behind me
But they are taking me
To another planet
Looking for a new queen
It was 2am in the morning
The conversation got boring
Said you going to bed soon
So I snuck out of the castle
And tried to run away
Only to look up
And not see the moon
I just saw earth
So I just stood there
Till I heard you behind me
And you came so closely
Telling me my human life is behind me
Cause I am the new alien queen

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