The Past of Me

I am forever lost in the dream of us
Caught in the light of what we use to have
A past I can’t forget
And I hate myself for losing you
And I hate myself for letting you go
And now you moved on with life
Something that I despise
Does she love you like I did?
Like I do
Like I always will
Do you share your heart with her?
Like you did with me
Does she take care of it?
Do she do any harm
I bet she don’t
Cause I bet she is perfect
Cause if she wasn’t
You would be here with me right now
I dream about you every night
Wishing for you
Wondering why your not here
But I know
I know I mess up
When we started talking about life plans
And my plans didn’t match yours
And my plans were all about me
It was I
Taking you for granted
So I want to know
Does she make you laugh like I did?
Does she make you smile like I did?
Do her plans include you?
I bet they do
A girl is crazy to waste a life without you
Like me
And now I see
How much you needed me
And how I left you hanging
And it was stinging
That heart of yours
When I go for walks
I take the routes we went
Think about how it was spent
Does she hold your hand?
Does she understand?
Just how lucky she is
I am forever lost in the dream that was us
It’s real sad
A past I can’t forget
That I will admit

Was the best ever.

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