The birth center

It was a big blue building that sat next to a big pink building. Each looking like a skyscraper that stood 75 stories high. These were the birthing centers. The blue for the boys and the pink for the girls. No it was not a hospital. See there were already born babies they when you wanted a kid, you just got to one and get one. There was a form to fill out if you wanted the kid to be most like you but if you didn't cared. Numbers were drawn from a bowl and which ever number you picked, then that would be the room you go to to get your baby. Everyone was born like that.
Naughty Ziegler wanted to know where the babies originally came from. He went to college and got a degree in birthing systems and then applied for the job as a manger and got it. But for weeks, he only worked the front desk and never was able to go beyond. The babies were brought in a night, so he never saw from where or how. So he applied to be security which they thought was weird but he begged for it and they gave him the overnight shift. He was so excited.
One night on the first of the month, he was working. He heard a knock at the back door. So he went and answered and there stood a man who was in rags and he smelled like a dumpster. He smiled a friendly smiled and said, "Hey, I am Tom and I here with the babies." Ziegler stood back in aw. He was wondering were these babies off the black market and then he thought where would there be a black market. He stood back wondering if it was a joke. Til the man said in a friendly voice, "Oh man you the new guy. I get this a lot but man we gotta hurry this along, I got to deliver the girls to the next building."
Ziegler said, "Before I let you in, with the babies, I want to know where they came from."
The man laughed, "Earth."
See that made no sense, Ziegler said, "Yeah where at on Earth? Where on this planet?"
The man then laughed a most sinister laugh and said, "No boy. We ain't on Earth. We on another planet. They never tell you that because they don't want you to freak out. Where you think the prisons are? Where you think the cemeteries are? Where you think the sick go?"
Ziegler looked confused, "Where are we and why are we here?"
"Boy, along time ago a war started between humans. Poor versus rich and in the end it was decided we should live on separate planets. So the rich is where you live and the poor are on Earth because we were to poor to leave. They treat our planet like a wasteland but we are the ones that give you, your babies. Now can you take the babies. I gotta get back home, my wife is expecting me for dinner."
Ziegler let him in still in aw. his parents could be on Earth. he knew he was adopted but he thought his birth parents walked among him. Did he pass a test to get there or was it just random selection? As the man walked by Ziegler asked, "How do they decide who stays and who goes?"
The man said, as he placed the babies in their room one by one said, "You people think you get a random baby but to prevent anything weird, you actually getting a cousin or a sister or a nephew you had on poor Earth. Your mates are already chosen for you, they just make it seem like y'all accidentally met but they choose it. Your life is chosen by what you poor parents can afford to pay. There are plans like the the doctor plan, when your placed with doctors as your parents. They give you the best life, private school, ivy league, and then you become a doctor. Or the water plan, where your placed with a family with your dad as someone who works on the water. You become a great swimmer, know water, eat seafood, and then you work on the water. You were probably placed on the birthing center plan where your parents wanted to know the truth. Few people can afford that plan and it usually means you having to keep this secret for life or go to Earth. Most people don't choose Earth."
Ziegler took it all in but he knew he would choose Earth when the time came.

And so he did. he went to Earth and met his real parents. He lived a great life but he didn't choose it for his kid. He knew very few people could handle the truth of the birthing center.

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