Wide eyes sigh

My eyes grew big in size
When I saw ahead the many lies
Once told by man
And held by monster
The many lies
Society tries to hide
In our history past
No less a test 
On forgetting the truth
My eyes grew big in size
As I begin to rise
To the unruly sight in front of me
For me to see
What hides beneath
The facts that tuck us away for sleep
That history dosent mention
All that died
All that cried
All that tried
And have been forgotten
My eyes grow big in size
At the amazement of the lies
That grow in front of me
With each step and breath we take
Into the future
The good is rejoiced
And the bad is forgiven
To be put away 
In one word paragraphs 
In our history books
But what it took
For us to get here
For us to be near
The tip of freedom
My eyes grow big in size 
When I saw ahead the many lies
Society left behind
For the future to testify 
About our little piece of freedom

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