The mountain climb

I climb the mountain
At the far end of town
In the dark of the night
With quiet as my companion 
And the moon as my guide
With no gear
Didn't plan on doing this
Was going for a walk
Needed some air
Just heard some devastating news
Knock the wind out me 
And I needed to breath again
But none of this air will do 
Not down here
Not in her with them
So I climbed
To the highest peak
Pure determination 
Maybe up there
There would be bliss
Away from this madness
And she said it to me so casually
Like we were discussing some comedic movie 
Like it was normal for me to hear
I got to top
Two hours flat
I stood above our town
And I let out the biggest
I took a deep breathe
And released
Onto to the town
My pain
Today I recieved horrible news
And even up there
It hurt all the same
But the screaming kept coming
Til it was just a whisper 
Til my throat went dry
And my voice was weak
I took the air in
And I fell to the ground
And I weeped
On the highest peak
For today I loss someone
And with them
Went my voice 
And staying with me 
Was the grief
Here in the darkness

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