Time to go old friend

There was a knock at the door
So my feet went to the floor
To see through the peep hole
The man here for my soul 
He looked back at me
Through the hole he could see
So I turned the nobe ever so gently
Breathing ever so lightly
Opening the door greeting a friend
For my soul we make amends
Death is here
That I fear
For my life
He hands me a knife
In it he will trap my soul
Place angel as my new role
I place it in my heart
As my body falls apart
I take my last breath of air
Realizing how life was no fair
He is here for me
Too late to chat over tea
A door reveals itself to us
As reality falls to dust
I am escorted through the door
As my soul floats above the cloudy floor
It is heaven I am relieved
Being here finally is hard to be believed
Death tells me this is my new place
And shines me a big smile from his face
He pats me on the back
Sadness I lack
Through the pearly gates I go
Into the eternal great unknown

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