Smell good

He rushed down the stairs, out the door, down the snow paved sidewalk, pass all the people, through the slushy streets. It was cold and he had on a blue suit with a black trench coat. It was quarter pass five and the train was to leave at six exactly. He had to catch her. He was only seven blocks away. He just knew in this weather he would have to run it and with it being the holiday season all the cabs were being token by moms andtheir  roast. There was just no way she could get on that train without him telling her. He slid on some ice on the sixth block and fell. A police gently helped him up and asked what was the rush. Charles   Just mentioned he had something to say to someone special. The policeman looked at him wierd. 
He finally got to the station and looked anxiously for Gate F, leaving for New York from Virginia. He needed to say it. He saw her blone hair from behind atop her brown fur coat and yelled , "Lisa!"
She turned quickly rushing to him and he grabbed her close looking intensely in her eyes. She searched for what he was saying. He said,"Lisa I just want to say..."
She said so softly looking at his eyes, "what."
He said, "Lisa I love, I love, ....well no. I iust got to say you didn't do the laundry."
She pulled from from him and said, "I thought you were going to confess your love."
He laughed and said "oh no. Your leaving . Long distance is never gonna work with us. I just wanted you to wash my clothes."
She gave him a dirty look and ran to the train. 
An old lady watching gave him a dirty look ad he just walked away upset that she would go without washing his clothes. 
Never mind he could get a new girl like the neighbor Sally. Her clothes always smelled good.

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