Women take too much off of men

She was sitting in her chair, thinking about her day. Her name was Amber and it had been a long day with her boyfriend but in the end she knew she had made the right decision.
It all started early in the morning of the day before when he woke her up with breakfast, that would had made her happy but he had fixed bacon and eggs and sausage. Amber is vegetarian. She understood the mistake, they had only been dating for two years. Maybe he had forgot even thought he had fixed a great veggie dinner the night before. She accepted that.
Then as they were getting dress, he got coffee on her new dress trying to dance and drink coffee at the same time. She understood, mistakes happen. the dress only cost 100 bucks and today was her interview with a big company but whatever. She just went to the closet with a stomach burn and looked for another dress. Her stomach hurt bad where he burned her with the hot coffee but she accepted this, guys can be goofy right.
When she was about to leave her mom called and he picked up the phone and told her mom to suck it and hung up. he kissed her bye and left with her car. She understood the mistake, although a little part of her thought it was rude but stuff happens. Her mom called her back upset and did not understand his behavior but he did it every time she called so Amber was use to it. Her mom thought it was stupid that Amber always let it slide but she accepted that and headed to the bus stop.

See Amber understood because this was a everyday thing for her taking his crap and his rudeness but she accepted it all. She even accepted his affair he has almost every two months with a new girl each time. She accepted him hitting on her sister in front of her.

But something happened that evening. He was in the living room with his friends and she overheard him say, "I can do whatever I want because she accepts it as long as I apologize or make her a great veggie meal or compliment her or something like that. She must be afraid of being alone or happy to have a man or something but i can get away with anything.This morning I fixed her a breakfast i knew she wouldn't like but she accepted it." His friends laugh and agreed that some women fall for anything.

Amber was sad but she knew it was true. She accepted to much off him. So she gave him dinner and tended to him till he fell asleep. While he was asleep she took all his stuff and put it on the curb.
The next morning she woke him up and said, "I accept no more. Please leave." He was sad and though it was a joke till he saw his stuff on the curb but not was much was left because. She told him, "You fail everyday when  you get up and exist and I have accepted that but no more. Women take to much off of men but today that stops with me." He was upset but he was cocky and its what he deserved.

Amber spent the rest of the day getting word out to his friends girlfriend letting them know what the men was thinking of them. This was the start of a women revolution. Men be afraid, be very afraid.

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