We Eat Meat

Sally was sitting in her room, studying up for a quiz she was to have in about two hours at school in math. Her mom was cooking breakfast and she was waiting for it to be ready. Her brother was in the next room, playing a video game waiting for breakfast as well.
Their mom was in the kitchen, making homemade sausages, bacon, scrabble, spam, chicken patties, and for dad: the morning steak. She never made anything but meat when she cooked because they just ate meat. Of course that was not good for them but there was a secret ingredient in each meat that kept them healthy.
About a half of hour later, it was done and they were all called to the table. They said grace and then begin to eat. Before they knew it, it was gone and mother just laughed. She shouted as they left out, “See you all for dinner.”
They smiled and went about their day.
See they have been eating like that for years but they have great health. It’s all due to the secret ingredient…………………human.
Yes, they are cannibals. And they are among you living ever so normally.

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