Come see the stars

Rosa and Emerson were best friends since like birth. They did everthing together. They went to college and studied space together. So in their studies of space, they tried to figure out a way to get their easier then a space shuttle. They tried everything but nothing worked. then one day they were at the planetarium and the janitor walked up to them in a black jumpsuit with a name tag that said, Jim and said to them, "I can get you to the stars." Rosa was really excited and asked, "With a spaceship." and he said, "No, we gotta get there quicker than that."
She smiled and was all ready to go but Emerson was hesitant and thought it was a bad idea. The janitor starts to walk off and Rosa noticing her opportunity is going with him starts to catch up with him while giving Emerson puppy eyes. Emerson being a sappy dude gave in and caught up with them. they got to the break room and the janitor closed the door and locked it. Emerson said, "So how does this work?" The janitor pointed to the cds, for Emerson to hand to him. All the cds had planets and stars on them. Rosa was amazed and asked, "Whats next?" The janitor smiled and said "How long do you want to be there?" Rosa said, "i don't know, um ten minutes to start. I guess."
So he put the cds in the microwave and press ten and start and said, "Hold on."
Nothing happened at first then, at 8:59, they were transported through the stars, passing each planet, finally reaching the center of the universe. Emerson was just as amazed as Rosa. They held hands as they flew through space. They couldn't stop it until the minutes were over. But in that time, they traveled deep into space. Deep deep into space, so far where there was stars or planets and so they got worried, then they heard laughing. Then it went dark. They woke up on the roof and the janitor laughing at them. Emerson said,"What happened?" The janitor angrily said, "You guys are up here, sniffing paint. Go home! Now!"
They got up and walked in and left.
The janitor laughed, he  had to get them t believe that so he could keep the secret to space. And yes he got them to land on the roof.

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