18 days

Light and airy were the raindrops as they came down on that cloudy day in August. The air was hot but that did not stop the rain from coming down hard. The day started off with a drizzle but by noon it had started to pour. All the fans were on in the house as well as all the windows. There were only two fans, one in the living room and one in the bedroom. There were only four windows. The one bedroom apartment was above the boat rental shop on the docks. Henderson had came across it five months earlier after he lost his home to foreclosure from the bank. The economy was hard for him to. The payments had came harder and harder to come by and one day he come home to a padlock on his door. it didnt sadden him, he just laguhed and looked for a new place. His wife had walked out on him with the pool boy, saying in this new economy his job was more reliable than his business job. That had sadden him, he just cried and did the best he could to move on. Life was hard for him, he had a new job as a janitor at the aquarium which sadden him as well being as though he had a masters and bachelors and yet at 43 his was a janitor. For 18 days, he walked around sadden by his life until a woman walked up to him and handed him a book and her shoulder. She reminded him, life gets hard, but you are never alone.
The book she handed him was the Bible, God is always with you.
!8 days later he got a call from a new job, offering him a vp position.
18 days after that, he bought a new home.
18 days after that, he married the woman but all through that, God was with him and still is.
All those days, he praised His name.

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