So I will leave

"So I will leave!" he said aggressively. Then he slammed the door shut. The alien man than preceded to walk down the spaceship ramp until his two feet were touching the Earths cool September day. The spaceship then immediacy flew off before he could take a deep breath of the new air. 
See earlier he had got into an argument with his alien wife about who left the elephant brains out all night. It was like their peanut butter. It was him but he swore up and down it was her.  So he told her he would leave if she didn't admit the truth so she dropped him off on planet Earth. 
He begined to walk towards the street and he almost got hit by a car as a car braked in front  of him and honked. He nearly jumped out his skin. He had never seen such a thing let alone heard such a sound. So many cars. In space it was clear, not as much traffic unless you got suck behind a spaceship being driven by an old lady alien. 
He continued to walk in his human suit. He looked like a middle age black man.  He walked into a diner and was seated at a table. Again never had he seen such a thing. At restaurants on Mars, they sat on cows and sat at chairs. There was one thing that could be ordered at the restaurant is elephant brains. At the diner he got so confused, he screamed and ran out the door. The waiter just call him weird. He then decided to go to a park where he saw humans walking their dogs. On their planet dogs walked cats, tigers, and bears. This freaked him out even more and then he saw a hotdog vendor. On their planet, there were only elephant brain vendors. 
He ran as far as he could till he ran right into his spaceship. His wife had came back and she asked, "how did you like?"
He said back quickly, " I will never leave again!"
She laughed and he took of his human suit and sat back in the spaceship.
See she laughed cause he was a human for 32 years before she took and made him an alien. He was the first human for this experiment to be performed on and so knowing that it was successful on him. This is how their race will multiply.
As for his memory, he was token from him and inserted was a memory she had created. As for his human suit that was the skin he was in as a human. 

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