That black critter

There in the corner of the attic sat a critter never before seen by man. Only one woman. She fed it oatmeal everyday with extra butter and sugar. She read it bedtime stories every night and loved it ever so much. She made sure no light shined on him for he screamed a pigs squeal when light shined on him. He was allergic to the light.
She can across this critter one night in the forest. She saw big gray eyes in the fog and instantly loved the critter. You probably wonder why she was in the forest, she was picking apple gapes for her husband. There were a fruity blend of grapes and apples that were ripest at midnight when she picked them. 
She took it home that night and placed it in the attic. So it wouldn't scare any body that came over. It stayed in that Attic for three years until one night on its birthday, it was turning 21 it came out of the corner and came up to her in the middle of the night. It scared her. She was startled but worried that her husband might see it for he did not know it lived in the house. There in the moonlight by the window stood a spider with a mans face and dogs legs. It was all black but had the sweetest gray eyes but it was all hairy. She hurried it back to the attic before her husband saw. But he pushed her down. it was 21 and it wanted a life. it wanted to be a real man. She got back up shocked, and it said, "sorry". She petted it and tried to move him toward the Attic but it refused. it just moved closer to her husband. So close and then it opened its mouth up wide and swallowed the man whole. She cried out and her husband tried to get out but to no avail. The critter smiled and right before her eyes it took the form of her husband. It was so freaky and weird but it happened.
"Sorry about your husband but i have been like that for since birth and only when we turn 21, can we take human form if we swallow a human on our 21st birthday. Yes there are more like me, we live deep in the forest." He said in  a deep voice.
"This really sucks though and that was nasty.", She cried. She was really sad and freaked out.
"Again, sorry. I should go", He said as he headed to the door, in blue and white striped pajamas. He stood tall and white with a bald head. Her husband shaved his head three years ago cause hair was making him hot.
"Wait.......don't go!", she shouted. "I want you to stay cause technically your my husband and i want my husband."
He looked down, "Do you love me?"
"Yes over time, I can learn to love you a lot.", She said.
"Well if you mean it", he said shyly.
She threw herself at him and said, "Of course!"
"Well if you really do, .......I should go! I am human, i want to see the world not stat with you. Plus your oatmeal was lumpy and your perfume stinks. I gagged every time you came near.", He said as he walked down the steps.
She cried even more and he left.

They say, if you put oatmeal on your doorstep at night you might get a glimpse of a black critter. But then again it might become you at 21.

That black critter traveled the world and saw all the sights.
The woman died of a broken heart not from her husband but from the critter. 

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