Stuff your sorries in a sack

Stuff your sorries in a sack cause they are no longer welcomed here. For you say them to much and act to less. You keep apologizing again and again, saying a lot but I hear nothing which is a problem you should fear. 
Stuff your sorries in a sack mister cause your gonna need something to hold them. They are no good here. You think you can do anything if its followed by an apology but that is something I can no longer stand for.
Stuff your s o r r y apologies in a sack. And take them with you when you leave. I can't have a new suffering from the baggage of an old. 
You say sorry but then you do it again. Did you not learn from your mistakes, well I have and your sorries are to many. 
Stuff your sorries in a sack cause you will need them in your new place. 
Your sorries feel like a brick to the face, never soft and always leave bruises. But don't feel bad they heal with no thanks to you. Cause like a brick your to much weight that I need to get rid of. 
Stuff your apologies, you hear me, your apologies and your sorries in a sack cause they are like the trash, it needs to be token out.
I am not hurt but relieved, relieved of your sorries while welcoming your goodbye. 

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