Dream of falling

Sometimes I think it would be easier to fall down a well
If you would push me I would never tell
I think the pain might be easier
Than the forces in my life
I can control how I percieve it 
Just toss me on down the well
It won't be to loud
Probably quieter than traffic 
And I will feel lighter than a feather floating to the bottom
It will quicker than the work day
Just promise not to bring me back up
Let me slip to the empty filled bottom
As I hit the hard ground 
I take it in better than rejection 
Then I wake up in my bed
Thinking of doing it again
But it's just a dream
Releasing me out of my death
If only til I sleep again 
It might lazier than
Just going to work and making means end
Hold my head down low
And let out a big sigh
I can't wake up from life
But I can go to sleep on it
Tuck me back in
 And wake me up 
When life's responsibilities Are at an end

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