Percentage of an argument

Percentage of 100
We greet each other
It's pleasant 
We smile
Percentage of 89
We talk about our day
Mention how you acted 
How you were 
Percentage of 76
You frown
I get upset
You say you sorry
But really believe what you did was right
You wished we never met today
As we argued in public
Percentage of 63
You get angry
I get mean
Bringing up dirty laundry
Relating this to past issues
Percentage 51
At the halfway mark
We agree to disagree
Forget you ever said
Not that you ever meant it
We make each other happy
I think I might love you
Percentage 42
I say I think
And you say you don't 
Didn't know we were that serious
Your being a child
Percentage 31
It's heated
We talk words of hate
It's the final straw
My heart hurts
You cry a little
But it's for show 
To make it easier 
Percentage 19
That took some energy
To fake some emotions
I call you on your crap
And you call me a spoiled brat 
Saying that I need you
But you don't want me
Percentage 9
It's the final lines
Where we try to salvage what we can 
But we hurt each other to bad
It was unhealthy
This relationship is dying
We make our peace
Percentage zero
And say goodbye

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