So dial 911

You walked in
Caught me by surprise 
Witnessing the mad in my eyes
I am in distress
And you don't know what to make of this
And it's cold 
Not the air but his body
Lying here like this
So dial nine 
And ask questions later 
His blood is flowing 
And leaving him forever
So I cry
While he lies there not speaking
His life is no more
And your stunned 
So dial one
And wonder how later
I don't want him leave
We have to do something
Your eyes are judging me
And you seem displeased with me
But you should be sad about him 
You realize the damage is done 
You look for the lies in my eyes
And damage in my hands 
But it's done
So dial one
I confess to nothing 
Only a witness to something 
And I am hurt
So call 911

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