The Villian

He gets up everyday and dresses in all black or all red. That's what the job entitles. He must be grumpy to everyone. He must do mean things like trip people or spit at them or hiss at them. That's what the job entitles. He must hate on everything that's good. He must betray everyone. He must hurt the ones he hate the most. He must never eat anything that taste good. He must never say thank you or please or just be polite. That's what the job entitles.
He is The Villain in most movies. He got beat up alot and has to do all his own stunts. But to keep things legit, it requires for him to be in character at all times of the day.
This man does not want to be The Villain.

It was a nice summers day, and he was walking down the street in a black trench coat. He was really hot but it was apart of the job. He walked right into another Villain. They stared each other up and down. Then they laughed. The Villain offered another Villain to go grab lunch and maybe catch up. They  agreed. So they went to the local diner and discussed how much they hate their jobs. How it would be nice to be the good guy. The Villain suggested they just go and audition for it. Another Villain suggested they make a plan to harm all the good guys and then they have no choice but to make them the good guys. Then he did an evil laugh. The Villain got scared and walked away but the other vowed to go through with the plan.

A few days later, The Villain got the part of The Prince in Sleeping Beauty. Of course they had to change his name to Prince Phillip. His life became so much better and he got the girl.

Another Villain tried his plan and well was swallowed by the Lock Ness monster in the process. He did come back out because it didint like the taste of evil. He know plays the part of as Lefou in Beauty and a Beast. He is often abused and hates the job but it does pay well.

So just cause you start as the bad guy don't mean you have to stay the bad guy. Being bad is not always good.
Enjoy the fairy tales!

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