Too cool

Johnny always thought he was so cool. Everyday when walking him from school he would want to prove how cool he was by walking in the street and not on the sidewalk like the rest of the kids. Billy thought "Johnny thinks he is to cool to play it safe." No, Johnny just though he was always to cool to play it like the other kids. He would run with scissors because he thought it was too cool to walk with them. He would always spit out water because he thought he was too cool to drink it. Johnny was really crazy and Billy knew that.
One day they were walking home again and Billy shouted to Johnny in the street, "Your not being cool, your being dangerous. Something bad is going to happen."
Johnny said back, "Man, I am cool." Billy just shook his head in disbelief. He had given the warning and now all he could do was wait.
See Billy was apart of an elite group that tried to help people like Johnny, but Johnny didn't adhere to the warning.
One day they were walking home and Billy said, "Please, you can be as cool as you want and be on the sidewalk." Johnny didn't care. And at that moment a huge red hand reached out of the ground and grabbed Johnny as he screamed and Billy just watched as it pulled him into the ground for Johnny to never be seen again. The street went back to normal and Billy went home.
There was a search party but no trace of Johnny was ever found and Billy never told anyone what he saw except his elite group.
Sometimes its better to be safe than to be unsafe and look cool because safe can be just as cool and right.

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