The Red Block

May and Frank met in 1922 when he was 22 and she was 18. She had just graduated from high school and he was a busboy at a restaurant. They met one night at a fair. She was there with some friends and him as well and amazed by her beauty he walked up to her and said, "If i win you that bear, will you ditch your friends and come to join me for some ice cream tonight." She smiled and thought he probably wont make the bell go to the top and so she agreed.  He did win the bear and a bets a bet so she went with him and they stayed together for 65 loving years.
Lisa was 33 and the year is 2013. She was in the dressing room of the church wondering if she was marrying the right man for this would be her third marriage. She was wondering if she was making the right decision. She wanted love to be so simple and come to her do easy but her first husband cheated on her and the second one just walked off and never came back so she just assumed he had left her. This one was a guy she had only known for six months but she was sure. It wasn't as simple as she thought it would be and she wanted to be in love so bad that she would do anything or be with anyone.
At that moment of clarity realizing how desperate she is, she ran out and straight to the harbor where she almost when in til she caught herself. She just happened to look down and saw a red brick with "May and Frank: 65yrs of love" . She laughed at such and unrealistic idea. One man saw this, and asked her what was she laughing at and she pointed to the brick. He admitted that kind of love does not happen now. She smiled and agreed. He went on saying how people take marriage so lightly and because divorce has come so easy people are so quick to use it. She agreed. He further said why cant people just fall in love and it be so simple.  She agreed and felt so connected to him and asked him, "you want to go grab a coffee?"
He smiled and said, "Yeah with my wife. Look you in a wedding dress and you desperate. Go and love yourself.  Once you love yourself enough just maybe then you will find the guy. Stop expecting someone to do it for you especially a married man. have a nice day." And he walked off.

Since that day she has seen the world and got her dream job. She met her soul mate but they are not married. Its been 22 yrs and she is really happy and really in love.

Maybe one day your love will be carved in a red brick in the harbor just like so many others or locked on a fence in Paris with the key thrown away.

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