Waiting on the ocean

I am waitng on the ocean
to bring you home to me
to where you need to be

There is no thing in the sky
There is no land to cross
Only a big open sea
that separates you from me

Your in a place
where your facing my fears
as I create more tears
whenever your not near

Your letters come a week late
I try to piece them together by the date
but your already somewhere new
just get in here in a few

I know sailing is your job
while mine is picking corn on the cob
I just wish you take me with you
and always you promise one day to

I am waiting on the ocean
to get you here right now
to get you back to town

I know you see many of watery days
i know you will be back in may
i know you still at night pray
I know you cant wait to tell me in person "hey"

I think distance makes our love a little stronger 
even if it means were apart a little longer
I watch the moon at night  knowing its the only thing we share
I hope your looking to cause it helps me know you care

I am waiting on the ocean
to sail  you here
to get you near

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