That was a close one

One day Steve got a text from his friend saying he was on the way an to be ready. Steve didn't find it weird cause his  friend Archie always do that. He assumes they would go get food as always. So he got his regular jeans and white short on. He went downstairs told his mom bye and went and got in the car.
In the car was three other guys in the back. Archie told him to get in front. This was weird for he was sure he was Archie only friend. They drove off and Steve just happened to turn around to see there were guns in their hands. This scared Steve and Archie told him to be cool and that everything was going to work out. Steve did not know what to think so he looked out the window to recollect his thoughts on everything that was happening. He saw them drive pass the diner, pass the movies, pass the mall, pass the bowling alley, pass the gym, pass another diner, pass the library, pass the school. There was nothing else for him to pass. Steve looked at Archie worried and Archie told him they had to do something before they were going to get food. Steve watched as they pulled up to a big white house. He heard the guys getting their guns ready and as Archie slowed, one of the guys shouted, "No bullets. I forgot to get the bullets." Steve said "Maybe we should do this another day then"
They all agreed and Archie pulled off. They then went to a diner and got a booth in the back. Archie said said, "Sorry Steve the drive by went like that. But we can try again later. " Steve just nodded.
They finished and Steve told them he would walk home and he never got in Archie car again. He didn't want to be a criminal and he didn't want to deal with guns. In the video games they were fun but in real life they were dangerous and scary and he never wanted to feel that way again. 

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