Although : a poem

Although I walk in the shadows I fear no evil, I do no harm, I speak no hate
You ride my back as if I am a horse not knowing how hard I can toss you off. 
We walked together all to easily and I lost no faith. We had ate together and yet I was not full. You have tried to come Between me and him many of times but to no avail. Although I sleep in the darkness I don't live in its ignorance, I don't feel it's hurt, I don't want it's foolishness. He carries me to help me stay lifted in his word. You do your worst and leave me there but I don't and won't surrender to such a Demise of my life. I will not fall to your knees in hopes you will grant a wish that fails in the end. I am forced to refuse your empty promises and your lonely offerings. I am force to stop you in your tracks and push you away. Although you are King in the shadows, He is the All Mighty everywhere. And what's done in the dark will come to light and end you, end you and all your wickedness .

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