Something Like You

I heard that you were ran down
That you found a cast and you have bandages now
I heard that your leg was crushed
Guess you should had look when you were crossing

Old friend, why are you so sad
Ain't like you to cry so much

I hate to just show up like this
But I couldn't stay away, i had to see this
I had hoped you'd see me and be reminded
That for you its all over

Never mind, you will walk again
I wish nothing but the best for you too
Don't forget that you can, Remember you said,
Sometimes therapy works the best
Sometimes therapy works the best

You know how cars fly
Only yesterday you were walking fine
We were born with moving legs
Bound by blood and veins

Nothing compares to the pain your in
Regrets and mistakes, there memories made
Who would had know how bittersweet the street taste

Never mind you will walk again
You will some time to heal your leg
Don't forget you can walk, Remember you said
Sometimes therapy works the best
Even if laying around till it heals is easier instead

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