Heart Shaped Candies

Mary was a little girl who was really happy about Valentines Day. It was a day when her parents gave her gifts and let her have a party in the backyard.  It was here and she was really excited. Her favorite candy was the heart shaped tarts with messages on them.
Everyone arrived to their white suburb home around noon. All the kids were dressed in whites, pinks, and reds while others where dressed in black. Kids can be bitter to. All the kids brought Mary gifts as she handed them fun gift bags filled with heart shaped toys and lots of red candy. The kids munched at the cake and snacks while dancing to Bruno Mars and Katy Perry songs. Her parents kept bringing out more and more candy which they continued to eat. It was a real good time.
The party continued past five where parents came back and in rage saw their kids on major sugar rush. The mad parents were led to a room that allowed five in at a time. They were served drinks as they conversed about how hard it was going to be getting the kids to sleep after all that sugar until Mary mom said, “Well I know a way you can do it.” And all the parents looked at her as she bought in one little girl, and put her in a machine. She then asked, “What shall she say?” The child parent answered, “I am an annoying brat.” She then laughed. The kid went in seeing there was candy. Mary’s mom punched in the phrase and pressed enter. Then the machine went to work and spit out some heart shaped candies with I am an annoying brat on them. The parents said, “That’s cool. Now where’s the girl?” The parent told her, “That is your child.” They were amazed; they now had a way to hush their kid up. The parent went on to say, “But this only last till midnight. Then they change back. Enough time for the parents to go out and not worry about a baby sitter.” All the parents liked the idea and soon all the children were heart shaped candy’s with different sayings like I am spoiled, I don’t eat vegetables, I cry to much, I am bad in school, I still wear a diaper, I don’t know when to leave dad alone.  The day was for the kids and the night was for the adults. It was a huge hit and everyone went home happy. Only they didn’t know their kids was still in the house. The machine had a trap door that put the kids in a truck that was parked in the lower level garage. See Mary’s parents loved collecting kids for their human kids museum back on their home planet. When they left, Mary and her parents packed up and went to their home planet till next Valentines Day. Those parents never saw their kids again.

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