“When will we leave for the airport?” Catlady  said to her black cat with white stripes all over not expecting an answer. The cat just meowed. Catlady said “oh you pretty thing.” The cat continued to meow.
        She then walked over to her red sofa and grabbed her red Cosmo girl magazine while thinking: I hope I see him at the gate. The him she was thinking of was her best friend. His name was Taxi-Cab driver or TCD or Taxi like he just called her Caty for short. She then went over to her gold mirror on her red walls and saw her perfect tone brown skin, light brown hair, and other young features. She looked her age of 27 but acted 43. Anyway, she grabbed her two bags and went out to her silver Lexus which so vaguely reminded her of her first marriage. She quickly denied the thought and put the three cages in the backseat, got in, and drove off.
        Some guy pulled up next to her and she just happens to look over. She then saw him coughing up blood! She signaled for him to pull over but he didn’t and drove off before the light changed and barely missed a car. Katy was shocked and didn’t know what to do as the other car started to spin towards her. It hit her and then she noticed the light started to fade and all she heard was sirens as she passed out.
        The next thing she knew she was laying in the hospital with Taxi standing over her crying. She looked up at him and said “what is wrong?” He looked at her and Katy repeated herself. A nurse ran in and said “How is this possible? We were sure you were dead. 13 minutes ago you were pronounced dead.” All Cat lady thought was: how and why? I was alive, dead, and know alive again? She just lay back down and as she did the doctor came in.
        The doctor was looking very stunned while thinking of how he has been a doctor for thirteen years and how horrible this little mishap could be so bad that it could ruin his career, and for what an unrealistic problem. He had to think quickly on his feet to save his career, so he slowly closed the door and locked it. He then took baby steps with his size ten converses and told the nurse to close the blinds.
        All Cat could think was: What are they doing and hey that doctor looks familiar. Have I seen him before? She quickly disregarded the idea as the doctor started to talk “Well Miss Catlady.” and Cat lady nodded. He continued on “I don’t know how this could have happen. I guess religiously speaking, God wasn’t ready for you.” She tried to force a smile but still looked a little confused. The doctor said “I have a great reputation so, um, yeah, this little mishap can’t leave this room.” He then coughed and Catlady remembered where she knew him from, the traffic light. So she asked “How long ago did the accident happen?” the doctor said “Well an hour ago.” Cat said “If you don’t mind doctor, where were you an hour ago?” He leaned in close and whispered in her ear softly, at the light on Main and Central!” Catlady started to scream.
        Then felt someone shacking her saying “wake up, wake up!” and she did. She asked “where am I?” and Taxi said “You are in the hospital cause you got into a terrible accident and you dosed off as the doctor was explaining things.” The female doctor looks at Cat and said “as I was saying, this little mishap can’t leave this room.” And she pulled out a knife and said “so I will have to …………kill you. Grab her!” Taxi and the nurse grabbed her. Catlady started to scream as she woke up to the nurse telling her it was dream and the male doctor coughing all over her. Through the coughing he said “this (cough) cant leave (cough) the room (cough) so I am going to kill you (cough). Grab her (cough) (cough)!”
        They grabbed her and he begins to stab her all over. She felt like her insides were burning while her eyes closed all she saw was her black cat with the white stripes as it said “Welcome to Hell!”

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