Growing Up Takes Time

“Relax.” He said to me. His voice hit me like a soft pillow to the face. I have been holding my breath forever. I could feel my face turning red. It felt like it was about to explode. I did not want this day to come. I have spent my whole life avoiding it. The last six years were hard trying to avoid this day. He said, “This day had to come for the both of us”. I closed my eyes. He whispered, “Just walk down the aisle, smile, and nod”. I don’t want to. I am 23. I am so young. I am not ready. It’s happening so fast. I said, “You’re a good friend. I am a failure but you stayed with me”. He smiled a smile that was so nice. I was so lucky to have a friend like him. The music started to play and I got nervous. Real life was hitting me. It was time to be a woman. I heard the principal say, “Samantha James, please get this diploma and get out of my high school!”

I am now a grown up and ready to be one.

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