Hiding from health

He lead her through the forest to the deepest part hoping to get out of site from the thing that was following them. They did not want to surrender and they did not intend to. The thing that was following tried to get them to do things that were against everything they had stood for.  she stopped behind him, unable to go on. She sat down on a rock near a tall tree. He looked at her, "Please we have to keep going, before he comes." He pleaded with her to get up so they could get away. She waved him off, trying to catch her breath. She was tired and he was to but they did not want to surrender. "Maybe we can fight it off, or cut it up to make it easier to deal with.", she said.
"Cut it up, and then what put cheese on it? Treat it like something we want to eat!", He shouted. He knew that is what they would have to do if they got caught but it was not something he wanted to. It was just not right to him, but she was getting weaker. Maybe he could leave her, but that was his sister and he had to protect her. They were two miles from their destination. Only two miles. He pulled her up for he heard footsteps getting closer. If they didn't get away before night fall, they just might had to surrender.  The footsteps were getting closer, she told him to go on without her and he refused. They went back and forth until he said okay. He promised to come back to her if she hadn't changed. He begin to run as the man approached his sister. He looked down at her and gave her a plate of broccoli and said, "Maybe if you ate more vegetables, you might have been able to escape this. Here i put cheese on it and cut it up. Don't fight it. Please darling eat your vegetables please.", her father begged. They were nasty and she wanted to go to Candy Land with her brother. She knew he wasn't coming back. Who would leave free candy for broccoli? She ate it slowly and her father took her back to the house and put her to bed. Meanwhile her older brother who was 15 had no idea, his father gave him carrot cake in his bag. Carrot cake was not allowed in Candy Land so he knew his soon would be back soon.
Later that night, the son came back, crying. For at Candy Land, he was allowed in because technically carrot cake is still cake but the son had ate so much candy that he had a bad stomach ache. The father nursed him back to health with carrots.
The next morning, his sister came down to breakfast and asked "Why did you come back? For me?"
The brother nodded no, "Too much candy give me stomach ache, sometimes its better to eat food. But I will never forget the fun I had."
She smiled even though she was offended he did not come fore her or bring her back anything.
Their dad said, "See a vegetable a day keeps the Candy aches away and keeps you healthy."
They laughed but the father knew what he was saying was crap. He spends every night in Candy Land,   he is the CandyKing, something his kids never knew about and never will for the believes they are to greedy. Idiots.

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