An Apple A Day Keeps The Zombies Away

“Why oh why me?!” The blonde cheerleader asked herself as she shouted in the girls’ bathroom of her high school. Today was the competition but no one showed up at all. There was nobody and that was not how it was suppose to be. It was all about her and everyone was suppose to be there to see her. She walked out of the bathroom upset and over to the captain of the wrestling team. He was upset to. He to wants everyone to show up for the meet. It was all about him as well, if not more. They stood there and stared at one another. It became a little awkward and she shouted to him, “Stop it! You’re being weird. We have to figure out why no one is here to see me.” He laughed and said sarcastically,“Yeah, here to see you". She gave him a rude look and he said fast ,“I meant let’s go find some people”. They begin to walk and then out of a classroom came a teacher walking up to them moaning.  The cheerleader turned around and said “Miss Gray, where is everyone?” Miss Gray just kept moaning. The cheerleader said, “Will you answer me if I turn in my homework more often. I know I have a back record of turning that in but I have practice after school. I mean a life of a popular cheerleader like me is hard to maintain.” She continued to moan. The cheerleader said “Okay no excuses! I am sorry!”   Miss Gray just kept moaning. She started to walk towards them drooling. The wrestler said pointing to his mouth, “Miss Gray you got something…here. Oh Miss G you walking a little to slow like some kind of robot.” She remained the same. The cheerleader said annoyed “What you cant here? Well that’s points off young… well old lady”. She then laughed. The wrestler said, “Miss G, I know you have something to say to that”. Miss Gray just remained the same, walking slowly while drooling. She then suddenly stopped in front of the cheerleader and drooled more then ever. The cheerleader was grossed out. Miss Gray then started to mumble something. Then she leaned in closer to the cheerleader. She started to say, “Ap….appl….apple….I need an apple.” The wrestler said, “Oh I have one. I got  it when I uh accidentally pushed up... against Ernie…uh… and it fell out along with his uh lunch money. He is just so clumsy.” He then pulled it out and gave it to her. She grabbed roughly and the wrestler stood back. He watched along with the cheerleader as she ate it like a tiger eating a gazelle. She started to get her color back and she stopped drooling. She fixed her clothes and giggled as she said to them “Well uh you know what they say an apple a day keeps the zombies away.”The cheerleader and the wrestler just looked at each other and joined in on the laughter as the cheerleader said, “But still where is everyone else?”                  

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