Desert before Dinner?

It is not always a good thing eating deserts before dinner. Something 24-year-old Liz was completely oblivious to. It was 730pm at night and she was meeting a friend in the city for dinner. An old college friend who she had had a crush on while in college but never acted on. Something she planned on doing at dinner. She was in the lounge of the restaurant waiting when she received a phone call. It was him saying he was running late and that it would be at least an hour before he could get to her due to traffic. She rushed to admit she would wait and in no way should they cancel. He agreed and so they decided to meet anyway. So she decided to order an appetizer and sit at a table. She was seated at a table by the window. She thought that would be great since she would see Pete Callaway when he was to arrive. She eyed the menu noting there was no appetizer to the waiter that she would like to enjoy but her stomach was growling but she did not want to eat without Pete. So she looked to the young male waiter and said, “Can I please see the desert menu?”. The waiter looked really confused, no one ever comes in and order deserts first. It was always drinks, appetizers, and dinner, desert. That is how the restaurant made them and that is how it was to be served. He went back to the Italian chef and told the chef about the young lady. The chef looked confused as well and told the waiter to try to persuade her she should order a drink and an appetizer but the waiter knew she would not like that. So the young waiter went back to the table and pretended to give her back the appetizer menu. Liz played along asking for the deserts menu but did not get it. She then requested she would talk to the manger. But there was no manager in the back just the young waiter and the chef.  So the chef came out and asked her which desert she would like and Liz said, apple pie with vanilla ice cream if they had it. The chef agreed to make it angrily though because that was not the order of things. He went to the back but realized he had no apples for the pie but he did not want to disappoint her or any customer because each night there was only one desert made and it was his first day. He looked at the other tables from the kitchen as they enjoyed dinner knowing desert was not to far from their minds. The young waiter came in telling the chef, table five was ready for the desert special for the night. The chef he had to think fast so he called the young lady back for help.
A half of hour later, Pete Callaway showed up and was seated at the table where Liz was. The waiter came to him and confessed that they were only serving desert for he missed the dinner hour. Pete was surprised to hear such a restaurant do such a thing but he to wanted to see Liz. Pete agreed to one piece of pie that the waiter told him was on the house due to the convenience. Other guest shouted that it was great pie but Pete thought they all looked familiar. But he was not sure, so he stood up and said, “Am I here where I should be?”
Everyone nodded and he sat back down as they all took off their human faces to reveal zombie aliens. He waited as the waiter brought back the pie and the waiter said, “The human tonight is very tasty.” Pete smiled as an alien walked up to him and said, “Hope you like, I helped cook it.” Pete smiled as it sat down across from him and he said, “Liz, you cooked the chef didn’t you?”
“Yes, he wouldn’t give me desert before dinner and the waiter will hire a new one tomorrow.” The waiter nodded, as he was the only human connection they have to earth for on the alien planet desert was always first and in good time when there are more aliens, it will be on Earth to.

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