A Longing Heart

She sits by the window, day after day, waiting for something that will never return. She tries to recreate a day that happened so long ago. The wind blows and the trees whistle during another snowless winter in the country side. She is over whelmed by the still and quietness of her living room in her rock less chair. It was a chair that never squeaks or make a sound like her quiet alone heart. It seems as if the garden has stop to grow for it no longer blooms her beautiful sunflowers. It never grows her pretty red roses anymore. Something was lost months ago and she never has seem to accept. It is unrealistic to her that something like this could happen to someone like her. She will never give up hope. Giving up was not an option. To her it was weak. Her mind tells her to give in but her heart says he is still out there. She is alone as she holds a petal less rose. Her life was not over and neither was his. She felt him so close and yet he was really so far away or maybe dead. He left with no return but that was not the way it was suppose to be. Never again will she see him but yet this is what she refused to accept. Situations like these did not exist for people who are in love like her and him. It was just too hard to believe. Her heart grew fonder of his touch that she thought she would have soon or so she believed. She refused to question his where about for fear of the truth she knew love would not cushion. A truth she knew he would not cushion. It had been 6 months, six days, six hours, and six minutes to the time she had last seen him. It was the 6th of June when they had met. A day she knew she could never possibly forget. He was the love of her life and she just had to see him again. He had left his heart with her and she just knew he would be back to check up on it. Six seconds went past and it seemed like they were the longest of her life. The doorbell rung and her heart stopped. She hesitated in disbelief. She ran to the door as she heard another ring. She hurt her hand trying to unlock the door but her excitement overwhelmed her pain. At the door was a sadden mailman. Her smiled slowly turned into a frown. It wasn’t him. A sharp pain went through her heart and she started to feel the pain from her hand, she had foolishly ignored earlier. He gave her a white envelope and walked away. She sadly opened it and it said “turn around”. He was behind her and there to stay for he would never put her through something like that again. The war was over and he had no reason to go off, if only for a little while.

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