Come join

Come join me, he said
As we fly away to a scared paradise
As we go to a place that exist in a haze
A haze only we can share now through this smoke
A smoke lit by this light

Only we can go, he said
Only you and me, safely
We don’t need to bring anything but our love
And understanding for each other

Just take this, he said
My hand and this light
No kids, no worries, no problems, just money
Trips aren’t free

No, she said
Not tonight or tomorrow or ever
I want everything I have
Even if it means without you

Forget it, she said
Take your light and leave me
Leave me be
No haze is like this reality

And in reality I shall stay
And in reality I shall stay
And in reality I shall stay
With or without you
But always with myself

Goodbye, he said
And so went the light with him

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